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Business Growth With Sales Funnels

Business Growth with Sales Funnels | FinTech Growth & Transformation | RevOps | The Change Hive | Yemi Oluseun

So, you have found Product Market Fit – PMF (Yay!) You know your ideal customer profile (ICP) and have a compelling offer.  As a result, you now have traction and early adopters. Your next growth goal is: to find more of the same ICP (ideal customer) and to keep them as long as possible. A […]

7 Steps to Building a Scalable & Exit-Ready Business

7 Steps to Build a Scalable & Exit Ready Business - Growth Roadmap - The Change Hive - Yemi Oluseun - Growth Innovation, Scale | FinTech Growth & Transformation

Over the last three months, I have helped 100+ entrepreneurs & business owners with growth and innovation. Here is what I have learnt… There are 7 Main Steps to Building a Scalable & Exit Ready Business 1) Awareness (Self & Business) This step is often perceived as intangible, so unfortunately overlooked, yet it is foundational. […]

Product-Led Growth: A Beginner’s Guide

Product-Led-Growth-Beginners-Guide-The-Change-Hive-FinTech Growth & Transformation - RevOps -Yemi Oluseun

There is a new-ish concept in the growth & transformation space. It is called “Product-Led Growth”, PLG. PLG allows users to experience the product’s value in the shortest time possible for free – such that it sells itself. Product-Led Growth is in contrast to Sales-Led Growth. With PLG, growth happens predominantly because the user finds value […]

No-Code Automation: How to Get Started in 5 Actionable Steps

No-Code-Automation-for-Small-Business-How-to-Get-Started | The Change Hive | First Automate, Then Scale | No Code, Low Code Automation Agency | Yemi Oluseun

No-code automation is a great solution for businesses looking to streamline and scale. But, where do you start?  Here are the top 5 things you need to know to get started with no-code automation for your business: 1) Identify what to automate: The first step is to identify which processes in your business can be automated. […]

10 Ways to Supercharge and Automate Your Business in 2023 & How to Get Started

Scale-UP-10-Ways-to-Supercharge-and-Automate-Your-Business-in-2023-How-to-Get-Started | The Change Hive | First Automate, Then Scale | No Code, Low Code Automation Agency | Yemi Oluseun

❓Question: Do any of these sound familiar?

A key team member is unexpectedly absent and everything falls apart – deadlines are missed, orders are delayed, and customer complaints are piling up! 

OR do you have several “déjà vu” moments going over the same topic with different colleagues?


These are some of the typical signs of inefficiencies in your business.