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5 Typical Benefits of Digital Transformation Programmes

5-Typical-Business-Benefits-of-Digital-Transformation-Programmes | The Change Hive | First Automate, Then Scale | No, Low Code Automation Agency | Yemi Oluseun

Here are the five common benefits of digital transformation, key results and outcomes our clients get from their business transformation journey:

1) Automate Manual Processes 

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools e.g MS Power Automate/ App to eliminate repetitive and low-value work. 

This frees up employees to focus on managing exceptions and strategic work. 

The outcome is improved customer & employee experience whilst at the same time reducing cost. 

2) Improved Data Visibility & Transparency – Better Business Insights and Intelligence

With business data aggregated, reporting tools like Power BI and Tableau can be used for real-time enterprise-wide business reporting.

This removes the previous need to have to go searching for data across multiple platforms.

Business data is available for real-time reporting, dashboard creation and business intelligence.

Enabling clients to have a unified view of their operations, enabling them to make quicker insights into what’s working and what needs improving.

3) Financial Consolidation – Easier Financial Reporting

Does the recurring month-end or year-end financial reporting scramble for data sound all so familiar? 🙁

Clients that implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools e.g., MS Business Central find that their financial data across different parts of the business is better consolidated and reporting-ready.

Having systemised, real-time data saves time and energy. 

What’s more, if there is ever a regulatory review, clients have better audit assurance and traceability.

4) Eliminate Redundant, Duplicate Functions – Implement Shared & Centralised Services

This benefit is especially common for businesses that have expanded through mergers and acquisitions (M&As).

It is common to find the same function being performed in multiple places. 

A business process review and transformation programme offers an excellent opportunity to re-design, consolidate functions and streamline the business.

5) Better Data & Predictive Planning:

Post-transformation, clients benefit from improved data accuracy and centralised datasets.

These datasets are reliable inputs for Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Predictive Analytics tools e.g. Salesforce’s Einstein. 

The data and AI tools can be used for demand forecasting, financial forecasting etc.

From enhanced customer experience to improved operations, there are a variety of benefits that could have a significant impact on your business.

Which of these benefits would be a big game changer for your business in 2023? 

Let me know in the comments below.

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